The Praxium Academy

Hollistic Counselling

The whole is more than merely the sum of its parts.

Hollistic counselling is an approach which helps clients to heal by taking the entire human being and their life experiences into consideration for assessment and understanding purposes; when you understand an issue or event that has caused discomfort, the clarity around your feelings become clearer and easier to express to your partner/family/friends and to yourself. When you can do this, you start living a more fuller life and can even have a positive impact on the people around you. By just spending the quality time to chat in a safe space, we can sift through any ideals, constructs and emotional scars that may be hindering you from the life you feel you deserve and want.

To make an appointment contact Samuel Zsombok and start your life adventure moving forward.

Your initial Counselling session will run for 1.5 hours for the cost of $110.00.

Thereafter the session will run for 1 hour at $90.00.