The Praxium Academy


Benefits for adults and children alike

Here you will be reminded of the basics and benefits of this approach through your life; practicing meditation on a weekly or even a daily basis can and will improve your mental health, physical health, and wellbeing.
The benefits for children through the use of games and group activities, will assist with...

  • communicating more effectively
  • recognising and better managing stress and anxiety
  • having a positive attitude
  • being better at sharing, cooperating and taking turns
  • being less effected by worry and fearfulness
  • being able to concentrate and listen
  • being able to calm down when appropriate and better manage their emotions
  • sleep better
  • having better self esteem
  • breathing correctly
  • developing more creativity and expanding their imaginations

This is also the same with adults, and can be attained in much the same way and the benefits are the same and more. There are literally 100’s of benefits of meditation, the above mentioned are but a few.

Meditation Classes

1 hour duration; the class will offer a practical approach to meditating.

Adults will be $12.00 per session when booked for the duration of the school term.
Adults Casual Classes will be $15.00 per class.
Children will be $8.00 per session when booked for the duration of the school term.
Childrens Casual Classes will be $10.00 per class.

Introduction to Meditation class

The Praxium Academy can run introduction classes in your school; you can either book for a full-term session or request a one off class.

$8.00 Per Student *

Meditation Workshops

Meditation Workshops are still being formulated and will be presented as soon as possible. Watch this space.

* The price (Per Student) can be negotiated depending on the number of students booked in the initial Booking. This applies to the 'Introduction to Meditation class' only.

*Spaces for both classes and workshops will fill quickly so please book early*