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Meet Samuel Zsombok. Owner Of The Praxium Academy.

The Praxium Academy Owner

Instructor is an interesting word used to describe someone who educates; as the terms meaning is:
1. One who instructs; a teacher.

But this is only part of me, I like to enjoy life as much as possible; I look at the world around me as a larger form of the school I once attended. And it can be challenging just like a school can be whether a primary or even as high as a university. No matter what you like or want to accomplish in this world or what dream job you want to do; you would normally learn this from someone who can teach you.

I am a qualified meditation teacher through Inner Voyage Holistic Human Development and a Reiki Master. I Worked as a support worker for The Mental Illness Fellowship and have a Cert. IV in AO&D (Alcohol and Other Drugs Works). And in doing this, I have found that making things fun can help the individual to grasp the lesson Quicker. Being able to help someone understand themselves is what I love to do and it makes the world a better place for us all; especially when that understanding leads us to be the best that we can be.

I enjoy the art of what I like to call Sword-Play which is a fun way of learning about the Sword. There are lots of well-known and documented stories regarding the Sword ranging from the Medieval Days roughly from the 5th century up until then 15th century. Nearly 1000 years and that’s a long time.

In this time frame people in history stood out like the Japanese Samurai, the Spartan Warriors from Greece, the Persian Army, the Roman Centurions and the English Knights. All used Sword and Shields and other weapons; but this is not the main reason this interests me, it is the connection that was made between the swords-man/woman and the sword itself that interested me. The most well-known for this spiritual connection was the Japanese Samurai; the Samurai became one with their sword and even named them. They respected the Way of the Sword and respected their opponents.

I feel that understanding yourself and the why you are here is a big part of peoples' life and it can add your personal growth to be the best human being you can be.

I am not here to encourage the idea of weapons but like any art it can be practiced with in a space of both fun and safety for everyone. My life may not be the best, but it’s the way that it is handled that makes it better, after all we all have our ups and downs but how we express those can either help or hinder our fellow human beings, and I enjoy helping others.

So here is a brief look at who your instructor is, and the one thing I would like to add is that I am still a student as well. I’m looking forward to meeting with you all and crossing swords in the very near future.

Samuel Zsombok

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