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Learning stage combat has never been this much fun

Sword-Play sessions are designed to help you (the student) to be more spontaneous and creative in your everyday life; by encouraging you to think outside the box and taking full responsibility for that thinking. Being in the moment you can allow your intuition to take the lead in this class and having fun will encourage you to be more relaxed while making your counter moves against your opponent. You will have the use of a Lite* Sword™ (Created by The Praxium Academy) in this 1 hour class where you learn what is known as stage combat designed for fun and safety; to add to this safety you will use the foam rubber sword handmade by The Praxium Academy.
* L.I.T.E: Learning Intuitively Through Enjoyment

The Praxium Academy is proud to present the new Lite Sword range, "Dragon Wave".

Images of the "Original", and new "Dragon Wave" Lite Swords can be seen on the 'In Action' page.

Original Adult Sword $60 each or $110.00 a Pair.

Original Child Sword $45 or $80.00 a Pair.

Dragon Wave Adult Sword $70 each or $130.00 a Pair.

Dragon Wave Child Sword $55 or $100.00 a Pair.

All Lite Swords come with an easy to read short rules and safety book; the booklet also includes an easy to play game.
Play Safe and enjoy.

If you wish to purchase either the adults' or childrens' Lite Sword™, please fill out the contact form and I will be in touch to discuss your requirements. As the Lite Sword™ is hand made there will be a week turn around from order to delivery. Colour choice availability can be seen on the In Action page.

To order your Original Adult Lite Sword™ through E-bay click HERE.

To order your Original Childrens Lite Sword™ through E-bay click HERE.

(Links to order your new Dragon Wave Lite Sword through E-Bay will be added shortly)

The Praxium Academy Lite Sword™ warranty

Note *The Lite Sword™ is handmade by The Praxium Academy and as this is the case, there may be some irregularities in the finished product which in no way compromise function and usage.*

The Praxium Academy believes strongly in our products, and as part of that belief, we warranty our products against breakage and tearing to the sword for a period of one year from the date of customer purchase (we extend this warranty to the original invoiced customer only). This warranty also applies only when it has been used under normal conditions for which the product is designed (Lite sword™ is designed for stage or theatre combat), and does not apply to damage related to accident, misuse, improper care, negligence, and normal and/or excessive wear and tear.

The Praxium Academy adheres to the mandatory Consumer Guarantees which relate to any business.

The Praxium Academy
47 Logan Street
Hamlyn Heights, Victoria; 3215.
Mobile: 0408 181 749

Term classes starting at the beginning of each term in 2018

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The Saturday Adult/Teen Meditation and Sword-Play sessions commence 24/02/2018

Times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
7:30am - 8:30am          
10:00am - 11:00am         Adult/Teen Meditation & Sword-Play
4:00pm - 5:00pm     Adult/Teen Meditation & Sword-Play Geelong Y.M.C.A Child Meditation & Sword-Play
Newling Reserve, Moriac
5:00pm - 6:00pm          

Childrens' Classes - Full Term Lite Sword™ supplied $15.00 per class
(Ages 7 - 12) Own Lite Sword™ $12.00 per class
Note *Full Term Prices may vary depending on the weeks in a Full Term* Casual Classes $15.00 per class
Adults' Classes - Full Term Lite Sword™ supplied $20.00 per class
(13 yrs. +) Own Lite Sword™ $15.00 per class
Note *Full Term Prices may vary depending on the weeks in a Full Term* Casual Classes $20.00 per class

*Spaces for Sword-Play classes will fill quickly so please book early*

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Clients Feedback and Reviews

My son has thoroughly enjoyed his meditation and swordplay classes. He has been taught how to enjoy sword fighting as a healthy and constructive game - learning to control his adrenaline and strengthening his mind rather than his might.

It has been a joy to see the smiles on my boys faces as they combine their love of swordplay, action sequences from their favourite movies and exuberant energy in the structured learning format that Samuel presents as The Praxium Academy. The elements of meditation and respect for themselves, others and their sword are beautifully included in each class giving each of the students moments of quiet reflection. It is an activity that encourages learning, growth, spatial awareness, physical strengthening and mindfulness of the self and others. Hard to ask for much more!!

The Praxium academy is not a sport in the traditional sense; however, it does tick all the boxes for what I think a children’s sport/activity requires. It has movement: the children are required to move in an energetic and agile way. It promotes thought: They need to think about and analyse how they move their bodies, whilst also being aware of others around them. It is competitive: There is point scoring and rules, just like in most other sports. It also has one extra element that not many sports incorporate. That is mindfulness: They are taught to quieten the mind and breathe in regard to settling and relaxing the body. But most of all the children love it. In my opinion that is the best sport there can be for a child.